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Understanding iOS Adoption Rates & Patterns

Apple’s latest iteration of its mobile operating system, iOS 14.5, had only been downloaded by ~16% of users after 20 days of being available. This has increased significantly since the implementation of this tracker and is now north of 80%

Initial adoption lagged behind iOS 14.4, which had been downloaded by 70% of eligible users over the first 20 days.

The dataset enclosed is comprised of Google Analytics data from millions of iOS devices from around the globe. Key takeaways are as follows: 

  • The user adoption of iOS 14.5 has been more gradual than certain earlier versions. Now 20 days out from the April 26th release, the current adoption rate is only at 16.3%. Compared to iOS 14.4—which was already at 70% by this time
  • The adoption rate curve of this update so far mirrors the curve of iOS 14.3, which also implemented substantial software updates. iOS 14.3 saw a significant increase in downloads at the 30-day mark. 
  • This slow adoption suggests that the impacts of iOS 14.5 had yet to be felt significantly by advertisers at launch.

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