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Tested: Meta Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Gupta Media was invited to test Meta's new Advantage+ Shopping Campaign (A+SC) product earlier this year. 

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns are optimized to drive both app and web conversions within a single campaign. Powered by Meta's AI and ML, this product tests up to 150 different combinations of targeting, creative assets and budget set-ups. The campaigns learn in real time and hone-in on the highest performing ads. 

Shortly after it's national release, we used A+SC with an e-commerce client over the course of 28 days to determine if the product delivered favorable results over a typical business-as-usual (BAU) conversion-optimized campaign.

Heres what we found: 

  • Set-up was straightforward - Once our BAU campaign was built, we only needed to feed in our creative assets to get the A+SC test running. Meta's algorithm knew exactly what to do with different asset types. 
  • The campaign progressively optimized - We started seeing favorable results after 10 days, with A+SC widening its lead from that juncture. 
  • The differences were notable: 
Business As Usual (Control) Meta Advantage+ Shopping
$7.15 ROAS $10.87 ROAS


We're continuing to run Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns and will keep you updated as the product evolves. 

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