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Foster Equity & Inclusion.

You show respect and support for all teammates.
We commit to building a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
Our team will be stronger and more innovative through expanded perspectives.

Learn more about our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Initiatives

Celebrate Creativity.

You are expected to innovate at every level.
We prioritize curiosity.
Our teams and individuals are recognized for their inventiveness.


Honesty and Integrity are Essential.

You stand by your work and the commitments that you make. 
We work to build trust in every interaction. 
Our business is strengthened through transparency. 


Commitment to the Craft. 

You are distinguished by your work and your willingness to be better. 
We aim to deliver best-in-class products. 
Our solutions transcend expectations.  


Success and Stability in Unison.

You share in the benefits of our accomplishments. 
We recognize everyone's contributions and value long-term career growth.
Our continued growth strengthens our work and our lives. 


Strength through Teamwork

You help your team wherever needed. 
We recognize that every aspect of a project is valuable. 
Our solutions are enhanced by collaboration. 


Empowerment through Accountability.

You own your successes and your failures. 
We trust everyone to do their job. 
Our aim is to balance collaboration with strong, independent effort.


Improvement is Ongoing.

You help your team wherever needed. 
 recognize that every aspect of a project is valuable. 
solutions are enhanced by collaboration.   


Enthusiasm is Infectious.

You are driven to succeed, and motivated by the people around you. 
We are excited by new challenges. 
Our tenacity and our passion move us forward. 



Professionalism at All Times.

You represent our company and our values at all times. 
We maintain unwavering respect for everyone we work with. 
Our workplace is safe, inclusive and healthy.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion @Gupta Media

DEI is at the heart of our culture. Since 2020, our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee has catalyzed action through four core areas of focus:

  • Eliminating bias in hiring & compensation 
  • Fostering allyship and anti-racism 
  • Supporting an inclusive company culture 
  • Promoting corporate and community civic participation

Throughout this work, Gupta Media has committed to sharing an annual report detailing our progress as an organization. We're proud of the progress we have made, yet recognize the need to continually improve.

2022 DEI Report  - Read the Full Report