Zachary Callaghan


Zac is Massachusetts born and raised. Originally from Bridgewater, Zac studied Accounting and Economics at UMass Amherst. Before joining us at Gupta Media, he worked for the Boston Globe printing papers. He is happy to work here as an Accountant in our Finance department, where he can marry his love of number with innovative technology.

When he’s not crunching numbers and chasing payments, Zac enjoys playing video games of all genres. Extremely tech savvy. Zac built his own computer in high school! He loves hiking and the outdoors and would always choose exploring new trails in the mountains over laying on a beach. He often drives out to Western Massachusetts to escape city life and enjoy the mountain views.

In addition to gaming and hiking, Zac enjoys watching TV at home surrounded by his cats, Wilson and Esther (named after Phish songs). His all-time favorite TV show is 30 Rock and Kenneth, the lovable NBC Page, is his favorite character. Zac will gladly defend his argument that 30 Rock is better than The Office. These days, he enjoys keeping up with the ever-growing list of popular new tv shows (whether they’re as good as 30 Rock or not) and cheering on the Patriots and Bruins. By his own admission, Zac can’t cook, but he does consider himself a foodie. His favorite cuisines are anything he can order-in, especially Thai and Indian food. We are happy to have Zac here in the office with us each day.