Yueling Qin

Software Engineer

Yueling joins the growing ranks of Northeastern alums here at Gupta Media. While attending the school to study math, she discovered her passion for computers and decided that just one major wasn’t enough. She completed a combined major in math and computer science. Along the way, she also worked multiple co-ops involving software in the marketing space. She was clearly paving a path headed straight to Gupta.

She also is no stranger to lending a helping hand to others. She tutored math while at Northeastern, and you might run into her while she does volunteer work for Boston Cares or teaches Chinese in the Boston area.

In her free time, Yueling enjoys cooking, photography, and traveling the world.  She has been to Iceland, Sweden, Thailand, and South Korea, and hopes to see Japan for her next adventure.  She’s a fan of many different cuisines, although she isn’t much of a fan of American food. Don’t ask her to go to the burger truck on Friday! She also loves super spicy foods and can handle the heat better than almost anyone in the office. It sounds like yours truly might have a challenge on his hands.