Toni Tiemann

Associate Account Director

I have hired Toni twice, and tried to hire her three times. There are two possible paths forward – we’ll continue to work together for a long time, or I will try to be 3 for 4.

She has, in spades, the traits that I value the most – she’s incredibly smart, she is competent (meaning that you can give her a really tough problem, and she will figure it out) and she loves a challenge.

In the abstract, you might think that you know a lot of people like her.

Let me paint a clearer picture – she was Valedictorian of her high school & Captain of the Men’s Lacrosse Team. One year, she told me that she was going to bike home for Labor Day – 250 miles, 12,000 ft. of elevation gain. I thought she was kidding, or hadn’t thought it through fully. She did it, and I never doubted her again.

She cares deeply about the world (interned at Farm Aid before here and worked at Appalachian Mountain Club between stints with us), is an avid athlete (marathoner, swimmer) and is a graduate of Northeastern University, where she majored in Journalism & minored in music.

If that wasn’t enough, the NYTimes called her the MVP of their pie baking challenge…

In our very first meeting, during her interview, I knew that Toni could be a special addition to the team. I was off by an order of magnitude.

Written by Gogi Gupta