Sarah Ingerick

Senior Designer

Born, raised, and college-educated in Rochester NY, Sarah is quick to talk up her beloved hometown. She loves cities that have strong community, and even designed an iOs app in college that fosters connections within a city’s local music scene. Besides all that, she’s a big fan of “garbage plates.” (You’ll have to ask her about those yourself)

Sarah joined the Gupta Media team as a junior designer, and quickly meshed with the team. From UI to motion graphics, she designs with an impeccably cool taste and style. Sarah got her start in the design world at age nine by playing the popular online game Neopets. She learned the ins and outs of Photoshop by designing and coding custom pages for online friends.

When Sarah’s not expressing herself through her design, she does it with her hair colors, her sharp fashion sense, and sharing her fond memories of the Warped Tour with us.