Sarah DeFlaminio


When Sarah was told that her degree in advertising would take four years to complete, her response was: “Why not three?” To answer her own question, she left Johnson & Wales University, diploma in hand, before her fellow classmates had returned for their senior year.

Sarah graduated early because she couldn’t wait to work in digital marketing. As a student, Sarah devoured her classes, digging her teeth into as many advertising courses as she could. When she wasn’t learning about media in the classroom, she was taking charge of media for her school’s National Student Advertising team. Thanks to her leadership (and competitive nature), she was able to work on cases for world-renowned brands like “Adobe” and “Wienerschnitzel”.

Her thirst for competition is rivaled only by her thirst for tea. And when she’s not looking for local bands to add to her playlists, she can be found hunting down tasty vegan cuisine or walking her adorable dogs around the park.

If you ask us, it seems like college was just a speed bump in Sarah’s fast-tracked journey to her desk here at Gupta. We couldn’t be more proud to be her destination, and are looking forward to our road ahead together.

Written by McKenna Wood