Sara Noel

Account Director

Future interns of Gupta Media have a lot to live up to. They can thank Sara for that. She joined the team as our first intern hire and has quickly risen to the role of Account Director, responsible for running the fifth team of our media department. As a two-time winner of “Analyst of the Quarter,” a highly coveted honor on the media team, I’m sure she won’t feel successful until her team members have each won at least three times.

When top-secret, high priority campaigns filter in, it’s often Sara that is called upon to step up to the plate. The afternoon before Beyonce’s surprise album dropped, Gogi and Sara crafted a plan to get her ready to launch 25 campaigns at midnight for an artist and project that was still unknown at that point. The world woke up in awe, but Sara had everything under control. Accomplishing a build that typically requires an entire team, you can understand why she was welcomed to the office the next morning with a standing ovation from the entire agency.

I enjoy Sara’s company so much that even when taking time off from Gupta to go on vacation, I chose to do so with her. When she’s not sassing Gogi or ensuring that her team is optimizing their campaigns to perfection, she may be found salsa dancing in the streets of San Juan or squeezing in a cooking class to spice up her vegetarian dishes. She went from crafting the perfect latte at Starbucks through college to crafting the perfect martini as a certified bartender. Even during her days as a quiet intern, we knew this accomplished tap and ballet dancer and experienced saxophone player was going to leave her mark on the entertainment industry. The good news for us is, she’s just getting started.