Renn Bauhan

Senior Designer

I think it’s safe to say that Renn’s path into the field of art and design was defined from birth. With a lineage that starts with his great, great, grandfather, an Impressionist painter, and transcends generations down to his great grandfather, an architect, his grandfather, a book publisher, and his father, a furniture maker, Renn’s desire to pursue the arts is in his genes.

With Renn on the team, Keene State is pulling ahead as the alma mater of choice for designers. At Keene State, Renn majored in film and design until his senior year when he was forced (by a demanding schedule) to choose his one true passion. Though he chose to pursue a career in Graphic Design, Renn’s interest in film remains strong. In high school, Renn watched every film on the AFI’s 100 Greatest American Movies of All Time list and kept a blog full of reviews. Though not on the list, ‘City of God’ is Renn’s favorite movie. Additionally, Renn is an avid fan of all types of music – everything from Indie Hip-Hop to Classical to Rock ‘n’ Roll. For as long as he can remember, Renn has been a HUGE Beatles fan.

When he’s not designing, Renn loves being outdoors. In Maine and New Hampshire, where Renn grew up, that meant activities such as hiking, soccer, and baseball. Now in Somerville, that means exploring a new city and enjoying all the conveniences city life affords.

If you ask anyone in the office to tell you one thing they’ve noticed about Renn, it’s probably that he is always smiling. Renn’s positive attitude and dedication to producing great work make him a great addition to the design team.