Rego Marquiis

Creative Director

Rego kind of explodes at you in this mix of creativity, humor, ideas and passion. And business sense. A lot of Creative Directors have funny ideas, but Rego had ideas about our (and, I’m sure, your) P&L.  

That’s when I knew that he was different.

Rego has a resume Don Draper would have loved. He was part of the team that created the iconic Easy button for Staples, he’s worked on Lincoln, Mini and Toyota and, most recently, he led CVS Health’s internal creative team during its acquisition of Aetna Insurance. He’s won Effies, Clios, & Webbies.  

He has not won an Emmy yet.  

But, it wasn’t like he didn’t try. Rego co-wrote the “My Comedy Show” episode of Scrubs. That love of writing led Rego to buy The Uptown Theatre, a comedy theatre, in Utica, NY, which he continues to run today.

Rego will tell you that “experience beats education” in the advertising business. Then, he’ll tell you he has an MFA in Film from Newhouse/Syracuse. It’s easy to flex when you have both experience and pedigree.

Rego is the father of 4 daughters. In his spare time (he gets 28 hours/day), he enjoys producing documentaries and building furniture.

I went looking for a unicorn of a creative director, and I found Rego.

Written by Gogi Gupta