Laura Bouclainville

Laura Bouclainville

Associate Account Director

When Laura moved to the US at the age of 4, she thought it might just be temporary. 19 years later, the Gupta Team is grateful everyday that she decided to stay stateside.

Born in Paris, France, we learn something new about Laura’s culture everyday. She grew up in New York City before coming to Boston to study Marketing and Finance at Boston College. Hooked on the music scene and a taste of home at her favorite restaurant L’Espalier, she decided to stay in Beantown when she started her career in Digital Marketing at Gupta Media.

From her love of fine wines to her equivalent love of boy bands, Laura may be the biggest *NSYNC fan you’ll ever meet. Her passion for music is palpable, evident to anyone who’s seen her Ellen DeGeneres-level dance moves on the softball field. She carries this passion with her in everything she does — helping her to become a campaign-building guru and an upcoming guitar prodigy.

Laura is one of the most driven people you’ll ever meet. She’s always taking on new challenges, and surprising no one when she dominates the results. With a mind for analytical thinking, a brilliant sense of creativity, and some well-applied French expertise, Laura proves her status every day as an advertising connoisseur.