Kelly Heath

Head of People

Kelly Heath is our Head of People, but her real title should be Head of People, Culture, Recruiting, Staff Development and Agency Operations. In short, Kelly is tasked with making Gupta Media the employer of choice in the Boston ad agency landscape.

Kelly joined Gupta Media in late March 2020, at the very beginning of the CV19 pandemic. A Head of People with no people in the office. In charge of culture, without ever meeting the team. To many, that would seem like an unbeatable challenge.

But, once I got to know Kelly, it was clear that this wasn’t going to stop her from quickly making an impact.

After 21 years as Partner at Tank Design, running their People & Resourcing operation, Kelly was ready for this challenge. She has already started by building a more resilient organization that is focused on staff growth, reinforcing and growing our diversity initiatives, recruiting senior talent and developing partnerships.

She is an English major that is comfortable with financial forecasting, a tough negotiator (a battle-hardened mother of three) that somehow makes you feel totally at ease and a bolt of positive energy that loves the calm of Maine. Label her at your own risk.

Written by Gogi Gupta