Josh Nadler

Team Supervisor

Late one night, on the dance floor at his wedding, it struck me – people really like Josh.

I had certainly sensed that over the previous five years, but weddings have a way of bringing together a person’s many tribes – childhood friends, future in-laws, college buddies, coworkers and more.

And, in that moment, it was beyond clear that Josh was the type of person that we wanted mentoring staff, growing client relationships and representing our agency.

Working at Gupta Media, you have to be right-brain & left-brain, you have to have a high IQ and a higher EQ. And, you have to be passionate & competitive, but you have to do all of that in a manner that is friendly and respectful.

I’ve tried to model Gupta Media’s culture on a good pickup basketball game.

Everyone plays hard, plays to win but goes out for a drink & laughs after. Josh manages some of our largest clients, so we spend a lot of time wrestling media metrics together. But we, also, play an annual, unnecessarily competitive golf match (I’m up 2-1) each summer.

Josh is a graduate of Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management, he is an aspiring ukulele player, a huge country music fan, a foodie, golfer, Commissioner of our fantasy football league, a mentor to our junior staff, the reigning media-managed champion and one of my favorite golf partners.

Written by Gogi Gupta