Jordan Maddocks

Strategy & Analytics

I’ve probably interviewed 1,000 people in the last decade. My interview with Jordan Maddocks, more than five years ago, still stands out as one of the most memorable. On paper, he was already unique: an Ivy League track star who studied Commerce and Entrepreneurship. In person, it was easy to see how he would excel at the high jump and right away it became clear that Jordan had a uniquely analytical mind. I remember leaving the interview feeling really excited about bringing him on the team, but slightly worried that he wasn’t fully interested. He was, thankfully, it was probably just one of the many things he was thinking about at the time.

Jordan’s path here started as most do, as a Coordinator in the Media department. He’s worked on most of our teams, with most of our clients, and developed skills to allow him to expand his role with the company. He spend 3 months in the UK strengthening relationships with our clients overseas, and upon his return it was clear that a permanent role, providing deep insights and strategy recommendations across the team and across all projects, made sense for everyone involved. He is now a founding member of our Strategy & Insights team, and I admire the fact that he was able to carve out this role for himself. We are all better for it.

Gupta Media would not be what it is without Jordan.He’s involved in just about everything that we do, and we all know him as one of the best people to bounce our ideas off of. He’s a talented DJ, a world traveler, a Halloween costume enthusiast and one of the first picks when we can convince him to play in our annual beach football game. He brings an insightful perspective to everything that he does and makes everything that he touches work better.