Jordan Graham

Senior Business Analyst

Originally hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Jordan joined the team after working at Criteo – where he was a part of their online retargeting team. A huge fan of live shows, Jordan travels (by his count) at least once a month to New York City to attend a music festival or concert and makes yearly trips to festivals such as Electric Zoo and Electric Forest.

With that background, it comes as no surprise that he’s hit the ground running since day one at Gupta! With his deep musical knowledge and insatiable work ethic, he has thrived at campaign management and routinely is the first on the team to express interest in being involved with a new lead or project.

Outside of the office, Jordan can be found watching Miami Dolphins games, chowing down on a sandwich at Bricco in the North End or fine-tuning his NBA 2K franchise, which he’s a remarkable 30 seasons into.

A lifetime sports fan and pop culture junkie, I can always count on Jordan to keep me up to speed with the latest news and happenings and he has been often called upon to lend this expertise to some of our more unique, non-music campaign requests.

Always willing to help out and always curious about the next big thing, Jordan is an invaluable part of the Gupta team. I’m just glad he sits so close to me, otherwise my fantasy team would be a lot worse for wear.