Joe Schlesinger

Group Account Director

Joe is one of the longest-tenured Gupta employees and a member of the early wave of Syracuse Orange that found itself employed by the company. Since he began at Gupta Media, he has functioned as accountant, king of the interns, real estate specialist, ski-trip organizer, and company historian, albeit with the official title of Account Supervisor. Unsurprisingly, this Gupta Renaissance Man has a record of dominance in the annual employee trivia quiz.

His diverse knowledge is an asset to every Gupta employee. How can this campaign achieve lower CPCs? Ask Joe. What was the top R&B song last year? Joe has the answer. Where’s the best place for wings around Boston? He’s got that covered, too.

At the core of this expertise is how much Joe cares about the company and his coworkers. He enjoys passing his knowledge on as much as he does catching a Bad Rabbits show, and learns about the people around him with the same work ethic he puts toward running campaigns for our clients.

Or maybe he just asked what I’m doing this weekend to improve his already incredible likelihood of keeping his trivia crown.