Jason Frank

Chief Architect

I met Jason while playing softball. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I’ve learned since then that Jason is really good at most things. He writes elegant code, plays a fierce game of tennis and edits copy with newspaper-quality. At Stanford, he studied Psychology as an undergraduate and then went on to get his Masters in Computer Science. To understand Jason, you have to appreciate that juxtaposition.

As our Chief Software Architect, Jason built smartURL & Reports(SE). He’s shaped our approach to technology: we don’t build big projects that fail – Jason won’t let us. In the world of dot-com dreamers, Jason is the counterweight. He is the prototypical “doer.”

Beyond his formal role as our software architect, Jason serves as a professor of sorts, helping break down complex problems, teach, mentor and provide guidance to the team. When I’m in need of advice or a stern talking to, JFrank (as we call him) is always ready to provide a reasoned opinion.

Although clients rarely interact with him directly, their experience with smartURL & Gupta Media is shaped in a hundred different ways by Jason.