Jason Carrasco

Head of Strategic Partnerships and Growth

Jason is a naturally gifted adman. He writes beautiful copy, he’s ahead of the curve, and he has an innate sense of what will work.

OJ (the Original Jason) was my first full-time employee. When he interviewed, I pitched him on the idea that he could start his advertising career with a cool agency that was working at the intersection of entertainment and media. That agency didn’t exist, but Jason and I got to work building it.

In a company full of Type A, hypercompetitive people, Jason is the most Type A.  He hasn’t directly managed a campaign for a few years, but he recently received the highest score on the Google AdWords recertification exam. When we have brainstorming contests, the unspoken rule is that it’s Jason vs. the rest of us. He doesn’t like to lose, and that drive motivates the entire team. As the head of our Media team, Jason’s experience and love of music allow him to guide a team of 20+ media buyers with a steady hand.

Jason is a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo, a former singer in the Boston Boys Choir, a lover of tie shirts (which I hate), a huge fan of the Syracuse Orange (his alma mater) and a food truck aficionado.  As much as mine, his fingerprints are all over this agency.