James Vassallo


When the President of the AdClub takes the time to introduce the founder of the agency to a college junior, the hiring team pays attention. That’s a tough endorsement to ignore.

James joins a very small list of interns who have been hired full time. A graduate of Northeastern University, James is driven by an infectious passion for projects that meet at the intersection of music and advertising.

As a lifelong Massachusetts native, James grew up on the water. Outside of the office, there’s a good chance he’s swimming, fishing, or boating. During his AIDA free-diving certification, James held his breath for 3.5 minutes (beating the minimum requirement of 2 minutes).

Ironically, James fronts his Boston-based band “Above Water”, citing John Mayer as his biggest inspiration. If he had written this, he would have insisted you give something besides “the hits” a listen. Having grown up as an aspiring rockstar, we can’t wait to see James’s skills translate from venue stages to digital platforms.

Written by Sarah DeFlaminio