Gavin Schlerf

Graphic Designer

Most people have no idea what they want to be when they grow up. This was not the case for superstar graphic designer Gavin Schlerf. He’s a master illustrator and animator, and his eye for design and technical prowess always lead to striking deliverables on even the tightest of deadlines.

Outside of hiking and biking throughout rural Vermont and New Hampshire (his preferred method of transportation on his home turf), he found time in high school to teach his classmates to animate their own creations frame by frame. He’s also one of those rare people who can find inspiration anywhere, and his experience with cooking, baking, construction, and gardening all help him create.

Before coming to us, Gavin made his mark with illustrations for Bon Me and animations for Gia Coppola Wine, Converse, and ZipCar. His passion for music is obvious, and he’s already created my favorite lyric video of all time (Carrie Underwood’s End Up With You). Gavin has made his impact here with the breadth of projects and clients he has worked with, combining his skills in design and his passion for music into a language that is purely his own. We’re lucky to have him as a member of our design team and can’t wait for him to create an animated short about the office.