Devin McGuire

Team Supervisor

Always seeking the next adventure, from skydiving to horse trekking through New Zealand, Devin graduated a semester early from Boston University and immediately began her career with Gupta Media.  During her college career, Devin was immersed in advertising, taking part in the Ad Club and Ad Lab, while also finding the time to spend a semester in Sydney. When in Boston, Devin can often be found inside Agganis Arena, cheering on her alma mater in hockey games. Before the puck drops, Devin gets her favorite meal, chicken fingers from Raising Cane’s. Her enthusiasm for BU was also shown in her four years as a tour guide for the school, where she mastered the art of walking backwards and gained an encyclopedic knowledge of the university. It wasn’t always a city campus and large classes, Devin’s Catholic High School had a graduating class of 33. A dedicated runner, Devin has been known to go on long runs outside, even in the wake of a Nor’Easter. This dedication and determination quickly manifested itself within the Media Team, where getting Devin to go home at night is always as big a struggle as she is always offering to help whoever still has work left.