Devin McGuire

Associate Account Director

Every year or so, there is a project that comes in that requires a trip to Devin’s desk.


Because there is a special type of campaign, often cause-related, that pushes Devin into overdrive.  

When we took on Jay Gonzalez’s 2018 Gubernatorial campaign (Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts), I knew that Devin had to be involved.  Although Jay didn’t win, Devin managed a campaign that won plaudits from The Boston Globe and Politico for being fresh, interesting and effective.

And, that is only 1 of the 1,000+ campaigns she has managed in her career.  

She is often first to tackle a new challenge like building our approach to TikTok, or onboarding a whole new type of client.  She likes to be first, and wants to take on the toughest challenges. 

Devin is an avid long distance runner, loves trying out new recipes (sense a theme?), is a voracious book worm reading an average of one book per week and a super fan of the Boston University Terriers 5-time National Champion hockey team, where she has had season tickets for the last 10 years.   

Written by Gogi Gupta