Caleb Lugo

Senior Business Analyst

Hailing from the Sunshine State, Caleb decided to uproot his life and move to Boston to start his career at Gupta Media! Caleb is a graduate of the University of Chicago, where he studied Global Studies. Through his classes, Caleb cultivated a passion for global music, which eventually drove him to pursue a career with us.

Caleb’s passion for music makes him an ideal Gupta Media employee. He sang in the Florida Singing Sons Boychoir from elementary school to high school, where he fell in love with music’s power to transcend cultural barriers. In college, Caleb pursued this passion by studying contemporary Swedish music and its effects on Swedish national identity.

Caleb prides himself on being a seasoned traveler. Through the Florida Singing Sons Boychoir, Caleb was afforded the unique opportunity to travel the world performing in a variety of countries like Argentina, South Africa, and France. He is now filled with wanderlust, having traveled to over 20 countries, and is always looking forward to his next adventure. Caleb’s favorite place, so far, has been Cape Town, South Africa, which he describes as “beautiful beyond wildest expectation.”

Outside of the office Caleb loves getting to know the city of Boston and learning new things to cook! His current specialty is bruschetta but he is diligently working on his Thai cooking skills. His favorite type of cuisine is Mexican food, swearing by pico de gallo. Caleb jokes about wanting to be a host on The View someday, but something tells me he isn’t completely joking.

Caleb’s knowledge of music and global perspective will enable his campaigns to excel. He has a bright future here at Gupta Media and we can’t wait to see what he does!