Brian Honicky

Business Analyst

Brian got his start at Gupta Media as an intern while studying film & media at Tufts University. Given his love of music (a love that spans many genres like pop, alternative, hip-hop, and Latin), ultimately joining the ranks of Gupta employees was a no brainer.

From a young age, Brian has always been eager to explore. His family often took trips to New York City from their hometown in New Jersey, which kickstarted his desire to travel. Those ventures inspired him to expand his studies at Tufts over to Madrid.  While living life abroad, Brian brushed up on his Spanish and – although too humble to say so himself – is pretty much fluent in the language. Since his time in Spain, Brian has bounced around Europe and Latin America, with hopes of continuing to expand his travel list.

When Brian isnʼt traveling the world or listening to music, you can find him watching a good movie – probably a great horror classic or coming of age film. He is the one to ask if you ever need a movie recommendation! He also hopes to one day be the go-to for insights on non-traditional digital media. Brian hopes to dive deeper into the world of spaces like digital billboards, murals, boats, and anything else that is a bit unconventional. His work at Gupta Media has allowed for him to expand his knowledge past what is seen on a daily basis in the media world.