Billy Philhower

Associate Account Director

Billy is part of the rare tribe (just one of three!) that started his career at Gupta Media as an intern. As a result, it is not a surprise that he’s continued to impress. In just a few months as a full-time employee, Billy was the first on the team to become a Google Specialist, which required him to study and pass six different exams in just a few weeks’ time.

Raised near the Jersey Shore in Neptune, NJ, Billy grew up not sitting on the beach, but playing sports like basketball and attending concerts in nearby Philadelphia, PA. However, his love for the music industry didn’t stop when he moved north to start college. 

During his freshman year at Boston College, Billy founded his own record label, Too Far Gone Records. Since then, he has worked with artists across the country to promote and distribute their music, giving him a whole new level of expertise for his role here at Gupta Media.

 When Billy’s not working hard on his campaigns, you can find him catching the latest show at an underground Boston music hall, playing Mario Party with his roommates, or attending a Red Sox – Yankees game as a rare Boston-based Yankees fan.