Anjali Agarwal

Accounting Supervisor

Anjali fell in love with Boston while she was an undergrad and decided to stick around and get her Master’s Degree in Accounting at Bentley University. Anjali had no interest in spending her days at a large accounting firm like many of her classmates. She instead found her home as an Accounting Supervisor at Gupta Media, which combines her passion of numbers and digital tech. Anjali has been dedicating her spare time to taking an online course in digital marketing to better understand the work of her coworkers and add to her already impressive background.

A lifelong lover of music, Anjali has done it all. She is a talented piano and guitar player, and you can catch her performing at open mic nights around the city with her friends a couple of times a month. Beyond that, she danced ballet for fourteen years with the Royal Academy of Dance.

Anjali is a history and culture buff and incredibly well traveled. She has been to over sixteen countries and is fluent in three and a half languages (she’s learning Mandarin right now!). She also may be THE biggest Roger Federer fan on the planet. If you name the date of any match he has ever played, she can tell you the stats and probably even give you a play-by-play. Additionally, Anjali has written three screenplays, which she hopes to get published one day.