Amanda Sousa

Senior Designer

Getting to know Amanda over the last few years, it has become clear that creative people are not creative in a single way.  They are wired differently.  

Amanda is a pretty great graphic designer.  Is she the #3 ranked graphic designer in the country?  Maybe.  But, she did win 3rd place in the College Improv Tournament.  

I sometimes like to zoom out and picture what a day in the life of one of my employees is like.  I picture Amanda closing out of Photoshop and After Effects, running home to feed her beloved dog Olive (which was a surprise birthday gift from a college roommate) and then running over to ImprovBoston for her comedy troupe. 

Like the superhero Flash, but more colorful and, maybe, more likely to trip.  I guess, maybe, she’s more like Adobe Flash, and uses up all your RAM.

Amanda is a graduate of New England School of Graphic Design at Suffolk University.  Before joining Gupta Media, she worked for ChoiceStream and in Fidelity’s graphic design departments.

Amanda likes to tell me all the things she does in her free time, but, honestly, I don’t believe that she has any.

Written, with love, by Gogi Gupta