Amanda Giles

Business Analyst

Born and raised in the Bay Area in Northern California, Amanda decided that it was time to leave her large family (24 cousins and 3 older brothers nearby) and near-perfect weather to explore life on the East Coast. She entered Tufts University as a freshman with her sights set on continuing to explore her favorite high school subject, history. Along the way she also found herself in several sociology classes, where she developed a keen interest in the subject and ended up adding it as a second major.

Amanda spent her junior studying abroad in Madrid. There, she was able to experience Madrilenian life by making frequent visits to El Parque Retiro, watching sunsets at Templo de DeBod and trying all different kinds of Spanish food. She also enjoyed the company of new Spanish friends and living with her Spanish host-family and their golden retriever, Gretel.

In her free time, Amanda can be found playing Ultimate Frisbee (where her team at Tufts competed in the College Nationals three years in a row) or still trying to learn how to ride a bike (these Northern Cali kids…).

Amanda brings a unique skillset to her team here at Gupta. Her background in sociology and history, gives her broad understanding of human behaviors, and her organized, competitive, and energetic nature serve as invaluable assets to the entire Gupta team!