Amanda Donovan

Design Team Lead

After sampling life in four continents, Amanda now calls Boston home after earning her BFA in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology. Even after spending a few moments with her, you will understand that Amanda is as complex as her go-to Starbucks order – which happens to be a Grande sugar-free hazelnut mocha latte with 2 creams.

As a designer, Amanda is a powerful force in our creative hub. Her thirst for learning and innovation is inarguable in her eagerness to take on challenging projects. Amanda’s curiosity for new skills extends beyond Photoshop and InDesign. The 1981 Yamaha XS650, which she rebuilt in her apartment living room, is a testament to this.

As a valued member of the Gupta Media family since October 2012, Amanda’s dedication to her craft and love for challenge continues to shape and drive our creative team. Whether she’s working from behind a screen or underneath a carburetor, we can’t wait to see what Amanda creates next.