Ally Burnstein

Design Traffic Manager

Ally joined Gupta during the summer of 2019, and this music lover immediately became a ray of sunshine around the office and an invaluable member of our design team. When Ally laughs, you can hear it throughout the office and her positive nature is infectious.

With a Film and Media Studies degree from Tufts University, Ally can dissect Tarantino films with ease but will also be able to tell you, on any given day, what happened on Love Island last night. Need a recommendation for the best psychological thriller or murder docu-series to watch this weekend? Ask Ally.

It’s a wonder how this South Florida girl came to spend her winter weekends at Tufts skiing competitively. Now, she says she can’t choose between the beach and the mountains, but she loves being outside nonetheless. After work, Ally spends her free time exploring Boston with friends and finding the best vegetarian eats all over the city. She loves thrift shopping, going to concerts, and charcoal drawing. She’s gotten to see some awesome shows, her all-time favorite being Billie Eilish.

Ally’s outgoing nature, bubbly personality, and diligent attention to detail make her an unstoppable force in her role as Design Traffic Manager here at Gupta. We’re so excited to have her as a part of our team!