Allie Chiasson

Senior Business Analyst

Allie Chiasson is a West Coast transplant maintaining the facade of an East-coaster. Originally hailing from Newbury Park, California, Allie grew up singing in choir which ultimately instilled in her a passion for music and vocal performance. Allie made the big move to Boston for college, where she attended Northeastern University to study Behavioral Neuroscience.

Perhaps there is nothing more that excites Allie than the human brain. While studying Behavioral Neuroscience, Allie fell in love with the intricate processes that contribute to every thought, decision, and emotion. This fascination with the human brain and its effect on human behavior led her to pivot from the traditional medical school trek to pursue a career in marketing and advertising. Allie’s scientific schooling equips her to view her job from an analytical and strategic perspective that examines how to best leverage specific human behavior to deliver the most effective results for clients.

Outside of the office, Allie enjoys baking. Her signature recipe is a three layer brownie but shhh … The recipe is kept secret and fiercely guarded by Allie and her mother. Allie enjoys indulging in various types of cuisines, and declares that all are her favorite because each cuisine has its own highlights and it is too arduous of a task to pick JUST one. Despite clearly being the major foodie that she is, Allie is unfortunately allergic to Dr. Pepper.

Allie is a fiercely intuitive and strategic thinker. The impressive work ethic instilled by balancing her rigorous studies in Neurobiology with three jobs as an undergraduate student has enabled her to hit the ground running at Gupta Media. Allie has proven herself to be an unstoppable force—a force as unstoppable as a neuron firing after reaching its action potential.