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Gogi Gupta Gogi Gupta Founder Jason Carrasco Jason Carrasco VP of Digital Media Jason Frank Jason Frank Chief Architect Jonathan Iannacone Jonathan Iannacone Chief Financial Officer Joe Schlesinger Joe Schlesinger Account Director Jessica Dashner Jessica Dashner Account Director Gregg Tobin Gregg Tobin Account Director Sara Noel Sara Noel Account Director Ilyssa Bloch Ilyssa Bloch Account Director Jordan Maddocks Jordan Maddocks Strategy and Analytics Nick Guillemette Strategy and Analytics Devin McGuire Devin McGuire Team Supervisor Jeanne Cloyd Jeanne Cloyd Team Supervisor Josh Nadler Josh Nadler Team Supervisor Alex Palmer Alex Palmer Strategy and Analytics Amanda Donovan Amanda Donovan Design Team Lead Samantha Ward Samantha Ward Creative Project Manager Shara Ogg Shara Ogg Client Lead Kathryn Napolitano Kathryn Napolitano Senior Business Analyst Rachel Kulhawik Rachel Kulhawik Senior Business Analyst Renn Bauhan Renn Bauhan Senior Designer Anjali Agarwal Anjali Agarwal Senior Accountant Josh Anderson Josh Anderson Software Engineer Nick Miloscia Nick Miloscia Software Engineer Yueling Qin Software Engineer Derek Sullivan Business Development Billy Philhower Billy Philhower Business Analyst Laura Bouclainville Laura Bouclainville Business Analyst Marina Vranos Marina Vranos Business Analyst Jordan Graham Jordan Graham Business Analyst Sarah Ingerick Sarah Ingerick Graphic Designer Amanda Sousa Amanda Sousa Graphic Designer Tyler Coyne Tyler Coyne Coordinator Faye Zhang Faye Zhang Coordinator Catherine MacKeen Catherine MacKeen Coordinator Samantha Kelley Samantha Kelley Coordinator Noah Sneath Noah Sneath Coordinator Angie Hastings Angie Hastings Coordinator Myles Blakeslee Myles Blakeslee Coordinator Allie Chiasson Coordinator Emily Benoit Coordinator Jenn Castro Coordinator Julie O’Keefe Coordinator Emma Matteson Coodinator Caleb Lugo Coordinator Tom Cloutier Coordinator Nicole DeGennaro Accounting Coordinator Christina Thorpe Christina Thorpe Associate Graphic Designer Kathryn Winkle Kathryn Winkle Associate Graphic Designer Gavin Schlerf Associate Graphic Designer Jill McCarty Jill McCarty Office Manager

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