Our Approach to Media Planning and Buying

(Targeting + Creative)*Technology

Our approach to media is different than most. We are not interested in audiences defined by age, or gender, or by their household income. In our view, those are dull and inexact. Those tactics were used when information was hard to come by, and slow to gather, and inaccurate.

Every advertiser learns that advertising is who you talk to and what you say to them. We think that digital tools are a multiplicative force in that equation. We know exactly what a searcher on Google is thinking about at that very second, Facebook and Twitter let us model their interests, and retargeting lets us understand their behavior. Through deep segmentation, an ad’s message can be tailored to so it feels like, to each user, that it was written just for them.

As a digital media agency, we believe that targeting can always be more precise & that the message can be delivered at the moment that it will help the most. We are seeking intent and recency; we are seeking that moment of passion when a person is driven to dive deeper into a brand, a band or a cause. We favor precision, we favor accountability, we favor platforms that are committed to the future of advertising instead of those that are holding on. In the end, we are committed to delivering a better media campaign tomorrow than we did yesterday.