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Organic Social in 2023 - What to Look Out For

Social platforms have continued to evolve at a rapid clip over the past year. In addition to new features on legacy networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, new market entrants like TikTok have become further entrenched in the social diets of audiences across generations. 

Heading into 2023, there are several trends that we expect will continue to take hold:

  1. User generated content (UGC) and video will continue to dominate feeds. We all know that attention spans are getting shorter. Users are looking for bite-sized content they can digest quickly and messaging that looks/feels filter-free and authentic. Brands need to come across as genuine if they want to be seen and heard by users, ultimately driving more interaction/engagement from those users.

  2. Two-way engagement will need to be a must in order to stay relevant in feeds. Not only are consumers turning to digital customer service more and more, they're looking for brands that can carry through more conversational tones. Plus, organic engagement is playing a bigger role in platform algorithms. The more a brand's content can drive 2-way engagement, the more visibility that content will likely generate.

  3. Social listening will be the way brands stay in the know and pivot their day-to-day organic strategies. Users are constantly looking for trends and acknowledging topics that are happening now. In order to remain top of mind for these users, especially when it comes time to making consumer decisions, brands need to be able to react organically as much (if not more) than they proactively create in content calendars. 

Ultimately, brands will need to stand out in users’ feeds if they want to be noticed and engaged with. The brands that catch attention quickly and show that they hear/see what consumers want are the ones that will come out on top.

How do you plan to engage?

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