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Making The Right Impression On Tinder

You’ll find no shortage of “singles” promoting themselves on Tinder. But in a recent campaign, we turned to the platform to help promote a different kind of single. Here’s how we did it.

Capturing Their Attention

Tinder was the perfect place to promote “Bésame,” the sexy new single from Play-N-Skillz with Daddy Yankee and Zion & Lennox. The Native Video Card ad unit reaches users while they’re swiping for that special someone, with audio and visuals that will leave them longing for sun, sand and skin.


We kept our options open, targeting users in New York, LA, Miami and the Dallas-duo’s home state of Texas. But we didn’t want to come on too strong or seem desperate, so we capped our frequency at 3 impressions per user each week.

Leave Them Wanting More

The ad offers a :15 second sample of “Bésame.” Just a tease, really. But for anyone who wants to go all the way, a swipe right takes them to a page where they can listen on their favorite DSP, and enjoy it over and over again.

Why We Swipe Right

Tinder offers a unique opportunity to reach…passionate fans, and catch them off guard while they might have other things on their mind. The native ad units integrate seamlessly in-feed, with functionality that users are familiar with. Go check it out! For research purposes, of course. 😘

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