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Instagram Stories Ads Level Up with CTA Link Stickers

In 2021, Instagram introduced link stickers for organic Stories, allowing users to interact with content by tapping on a sticker to visit a linked website. Fast forward to today, and CTA link stickers are officially launching for Instagram Stories ads. The introduction of CTA Link Stickers to Instagram Stories ads offers a more seamless and engaging experience for users, making it easier than ever for them to take the desired action.

What are CTA Link Stickers?

First things first, let's clarify what CTA Link Stickers are. These are interactive elements within Stories ads that serve as a call to action (CTA). By incorporating a CTA Link Sticker in your ad, you can encourage viewers to take action and visit a specific website. When users tap on the sticker, they are directed to the linked website. 

Why introduce Link Stickers in Stories Ads?

The introduction of link stickers in Stories ads is a logical step forward. Instagram initially launched link stickers for organic Stories to provide a more interactive and user-friendly experience. As users became more accustomed to tapping on these stickers, it made sense to extend this feature to advertising as well. By doing so, Instagram aims to maintain consistency and make the user experience more intuitive.

A Farewell to "Swipe Up"

You might be wondering, "What happens to the iconic 'Swipe Up' feature?" With the introduction of CTA Link Stickers in Stories ads, the traditional "Swipe Up" prompt will no longer be the primary call to action on ads. However, the good news is that Instagram will still honor the swipe-up action if users choose to use it. In other words, your Stories ads will continue to support both the swipe-up and tap actions.

No Opting Out

It's worth noting that the introduction of CTA Link Stickers is a global change that will apply to all Instagram Stories ads using a link. There won't be an option to opt-out, so you'll want to embrace this new feature to enhance the performance of your ads.

Adjusting Your Ad Creatives

To ensure your Stories ads look their best and deliver the intended message, it's essential to make a few adjustments. Specifically, your ad creatives should adhere to Instagram's "safe zone" guidance. This means leaving approximately 20% of the bottom of your assets free from text, logos, and other essential creative elements. This precaution will prevent the CTA Link Sticker from covering key elements in your ad.

Consistency Across Platforms

If you're also running ads on Facebook Stories, you'll be pleased to know that a CTA Link Sticker is already available. While the design and behavior may differ slightly, the safe zone guidance remains consistent across both Facebook and Instagram Stories Ads. Aim to leave about 20% of the bottom and 14% of the top of your ad assets free from text, logos, or other essential creative elements to avoid any interference with the profile icon or call to action.

What about reporting?

When it comes to tracking the performance of your Stories ads, it's essential to be aware of the reporting changes. Now, only taps leading to the final destination will be reported as link clicks. If a user taps early within the Stories ad duration, their tooltip-tap-to-site will count as a link click. On the other hand, if a user taps later on within the Stories ad duration, their sticker-tap-to-site will be considered a link click.

Customizing CTA Sticker Placement

If you're eager to make your CTA Link Sticker even more eye-catching, Instagram provides customization options. After adding media to your ad, navigate to the Stories and Reels section and click the edit icon next to Stories. Here, you'll find the "Call-to-action sticker" under Creative tools. Use the vertical and horizontal positions to move your CTA Link Sticker around your ad, ensuring it's perfectly placed for maximum impact.

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