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Gupta Media Goes Carbon Neutral

As we look to the future, it is readily apparent that every country, company and person needs to play their part in combating the rapidly accelerating impacts of climate change. That is why today, Gupta Media is proud to announce that we have taken steps to become carbon neutral. Through Terrapass, we have purchased carbon offset credits to minimize the impact associated with our office energy use, daily commutes, corporate travel, and our server operations. In addition to our partnership with Terrapass, we’re taking the following steps to reduce our impact and give back to our communities from an environmental standpoint:

-Working to minimize printing, paper-use and non-recyclable single use items

-Enabling employees to use their community service days for conservation efforts

Of course, this is just the start, we’re continuing to look for ways to reduce our impact to the planet and will keep you all updated as we move further along.

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