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Ask the Experts - Standing Out on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping crunch are here. We spoke to a few of our experts from the worlds of media, social and creative to get a few words of wisdom about how to make the most of Q4’s busiest time. 

Jess Dashner, Director of Media Strategy & Operations:

"Urgency urgency urgency! Nothing motivates like a deadline, so give your audience a great reason to buy now instead of waiting until the last possible moment before the holidays. And make sure to use the countdown and reminder ad enhancements that are available across many different channels."

Joe Schlesinger, Group Account Director:

"Be aggressive! This is likely when you will see your best CPA's and ROAS for the year, don't end the sale wishing you had pushed harder on spend and left money on the table. Even if your margin isn't as strong because of the sale, keep your LTV in mind and as long as you provide a great experience for the shopper, they will be back again to buy next time they are in-market."

Pat Arnold, Executive Creative Director:

"Speak to the shopper. Some people love holiday shopping, some people hate it and just want to get it over with. The most impactful brands make the experience as seamless as possible for shoppers of all types."

Melissa Paiva, Senior Social Strategist:

"Be available for your consumers. With all the deals and options to choose from during the holiday season, the need for customer service is high. Shoppers will gravitate toward brands who can help them in real time - answering their questions, getting them the best  possible outcome, and going above and beyond."

Jenn Castro, Associate Account Director:

"It doesn't all begin and end with Cyber Monday. Consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier each year, and yet, many still shop until the last minute. Starting your holiday campaign before everyone piles on can pay dividends, continuing beyond Cyber Monday will help ensure you don't miss shoppers that aren't as proactive. Remember to leverage other key moments as well, shipping deadlines in early December are a great reminder that time is limited."

How do you plan to stand out?

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