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Google: When someone saves your Gmail ad as a message to their inbox.

Search Advertising

Advertisements that target users based on keywords, where ads appear within search engine queries.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Affects the visibility of a website during organic search results via paid advertising based on relevant keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Affects the visibility of a website during an organic search query based on keywords.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

The results page shown after a search query.

Search Exact Match Impression Share

Exact match impression share is a percentage calculated by dividing the number of impressions that your campaign received for searches that exactly matched your keyword by the total estimated number of exact match impressions you were eligible to receive.

Search Impression Share

The percentage of impressions that your ads receive compared to the total number of impressions that your ads could get. Impression share = impressions / total eligible impressions

Search Lost Impression Share

Search Lost impressions share (rank) is the estimated percentage of impressions on the Search Network that your ads didn’t receive due to poor Ad Rank.

Search Partners

Sites in the Search Network that partner with Google to show ads. Search partners extend the reach of Google Search ads to hundreds of non-Google websites, as well as YouTube and other Google sites.

Second-Party Data

When a company makes its first-party data directly available to another company, which then uses it to sell ads. For example, if two companies partnered together on a co-branded initiative and shared their user data with one another for the campaign.

Sequential Messaging

Guiding customers through the purchase journey using multiple creative and copy versions, reaching people with different creative the second time or third time they see your ad.

Share of Voice (SOV)

Weight or percentage of ad inventory available to a single advertiser relative to other advertisers. For example, if there are four advertisers on a website, each advertiser has 25% of the advertising weight.  


An image containing a positive review or mention of an artist. This image can be used organically and as creative in social ads and is “shareable.”


The number of times someone shares of your ad

Shoppable Lens

Snapchat Shoppable Lenses are an AR-enabled, ecommerce placement that allows brands to drive sales of retail products.

Short Term Retargeting

A targeting tactic used to reach an audience who has engaged with your brand recently. Specific tactics include : · Targeting someone who has visited your website within the past 60 days · Targeting someone who watched a video on your brand’s YouTube channel within the past week

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink Extensions are additional information and links you can add to the bottom of your search ad. Sitelinks can be set up to send people to specific pages of your site, specific products, offers & more.

Slideshow Ads

Combines multiple images or videos, text and sound to capture your audience’s attention and tell a story. Enables advertisers to create video ads using 3-10 static images or a single video.

Snap Ad

Full-screen vertical video or static image ad that run on Snapchat.

Snap Audience Match (SAM)

A Snap Audience Match takes users from your first-party sources, like email lists, and matches them to Snapchat’s community of users.

Snap Lifestyle Targeting

Allows advertisers to target users based on content they consume on Snapchat. This includes categories such as parenting, political news, music festivals and more.

Snapchat Lens Studio

Lens Studio by Snap, Inc. is a free tool that allows anyone to create and share 2D or 3D static and animated creative in Snapchat for users to interact with.

Snapchat Story Ads

Snap Story ads create a continuous experience from between 2 and 20 pieces of content. These ads have the option to swipe up to travel to a link, and users can tap or swipe through.

Spark AR Studio (Facebook AR Studio)

A suite of powerful, customizable tools available for download on Mac computers. This tool allows developers and artists to create and publish interactive camera effects for viewers to use in their Facebook Stories.

Split Test

Split testing lets you test different versions of your ads, including copy, links, or assets, so you can see what works best and improve current or future campaigns.

Sponsored InMail

Drive more leads and engage your target audience by delivering personalized messages directly to their LinkedIn inboxes. Ad unit consists of a custom greeting, call-to-action button, body text and link. —– This ad format is more expensive, but if you have a short list of high value targets, it’s a very personalized way of reaching

Sponsored Lens

A branded Snapchat lens that can be promoted through Snap ads. A sharable will give users the option to swipe up and claim the lens for a period of time.

Structured Snippet Extension

Highlight specific aspects of your products and services with structured snippets extensions. Choose from a list of topics to promote services or products your business provides.


Subreddits are Reddit chatrooms that are devoted to a specific subject–they exist for almost everything, from bands, to TV, to unsolved crimes.

Subscribe and Save Subscriptions (SnSS)

The number of times an Amazon campaign’s associated products are first purchased through the Subscribe & Save button —— Not yet an offering right now for advertisers (ie. “click to subscribe”), hopefully it will be soon. As an alternative, you can run ‘add to cart’ ecommerce ads (link below for more info).

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