Utilizing Snapchat Lens Studio for Brands

What is Lens Studio:

Lens Studio is a free tool offered by Snap, Inc. that can be used to create and share “magical AR experiences” with the world. For brands, the new lens studio is an opportunity to connect with  fans and customers in a new, creative way.

This new tool is not to be confused with promoted filters, which can cost upwards of $250,000 and are pushed to all phones with Snapchat, or on-demand geofilters, which are location-based static filters that can be purchased and published at a specific time and place.

How it works:

Anyone can create an account and download the Lens Studio program. Users can upload 2D or 3D static and animated creative to the platform, then publish their lenses. In April 2018, Lens Studio released “Face Lenses,” so creators can now also publish the iconic facial recognition filters that Snapchat users know and love.

To see the full list of creative guidelines for Snap Lenses, click here.



Lenses can be published from a brand’s Snapchat account itself, or agencies can create a new account to publish their lenses for clients. Keep in mind that the name of this account will be visible to the public.

Users gain access to the lenses by scanning a unique code, or clicking a unique URL, both generated from the lens studio after the lens is published. Codes can be shared a variety of ways – printed on product packaging, used in OOH campaigns, or distributed digitally. Lenses cannot currently be geo-targeted. 

All users have to do is open up Snapchat, center their camera on the code, and press their finger on it. Alternatively, each lens has a unique url that users can click to download the lens. This is particularly helpful for anyone viewing the ads on mobile, as there is no way to screenshot a code, then bring it into snapchat from a mobile device. After this step, an in-platform message from Snapchat will open asking if the user would like to download the lens.

Lenses are then available after initial download for 24 hours. Users can also tap the lens to send to their friends.

How We Executed a Snap Lens:

We suggested that Sony Music Latin try out a snap lens to enhance their campaign promoting the release of artist Noriel’s album Trap Capos II. Our designer created a custom lens using the iconic gold mask featured on the album cover for Snapchat users to download.

To let fans know, we created simple promo videos that were released on Noriel’s social platforms. Users simply had to scan the code or click the url in Noriel’s posts to use the lens and send to friends on the platform. The Snap Lens gained over 99,000 views and 18,000 downloads, proving the effectiveness of this new tool.


Samantha Ward
Written By: Samantha Ward
Creative Project Manager

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