Utilizing Precise Creative and Targeting To Drive Ticket Sales

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LOCKN’ Festival, a yearly rock ‘n’ roll-oriented festival located in Arrington, Virginia, was looking to run ads across social media to reach potential consumers. It would have been very easy to create one or two ads, target them to fans of the artists that were performing or are related and hope that this was enough to sell tickets. However, the LOCKN’ team wanted to be much more thorough and precise in the targeting. Across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we were able to work together to craft ads that utilized precise targeting from the platforms to reach unique users with tailored creative and messaging. This is inline with our philosophy that running digital campaigns is not about mass marketing, it’s about one-to-one marketing on a mass scale.

Incoming targeting

LOCKN’ Festival’s VIP ticketing offers many great upgrades to fans who are looking for a slightly more glamourous festival experience. It’s an experience most festival-goers would love, but the price tag can be somewhat of a barrier to entry. In order to reach people who we know are both interested in LOCKN’ Festival and willing to spend the money to buy VIP tickets, we utilized Facebook’s third-party data to limit showing our ads to people whose annual income was over $100,000. This targeting was overlaid on top of other indicators of interest, including people who have purchased tickets in the past, visited the website, or are fans of performing artists.


By thinking about different audiences, and how targeting, messaging, creative can work together, we were able to create highly compelling, individualized ads. It’s easy enough to create a few ads and hope that they reach the right people and perform well. However, the tools on different platforms allow for such precise targeting, that it’s important to utilize this to improve the consumers experience, drive more sales and drive up your ROI.

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