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It is no longer enough for your target audience to see your advertisements. In order to both resonate with your audience and influence their behavior, it is essential to connect with them using compelling messaging.

The Challenge

How do you connect with your audience? As consumers become savvier and advertising becomes more nuanced, it is ineffective to simply blast the same message to your audience. Consumers want to be spoken to because your product is the perfect fit for them, not because their demographic makes them the perfect fit for your marketing campaign. More than ever before, we have eliminated the guesswork of finding the right fans with precise targeting. If we want to talk to established Bruno Mars fans, we can. If we want to talk to anybody who has ever watched a Celine Dion video on YouTube, we can. In a world where targeting is becoming increasingly tailored to the consumer, how do we ensure they know our ad was handpicked just for them?

How do you drive your audience to take action? Consumers are also faced with more choices than ever before. In the music industry alone, they must choose between a plethora of different artists, songs, and albums. They are receiving constant recommendations from friends, celebrities, bloggers, and more. Why would your paid advertisements carry more weight than all of these music influencers?

The Solution

Use precise targeting with corresponding messaging. When you are reaching the ideal audience with your ads, they need to know that your product is the ideal product for them.
Gupta Media ran several national and international campaigns for A$AP Rocky’s latest album. The album, which featured prominent hip hop artists, reached #1 in many of those countries. The ads that were targeted to fans of featured artists specifically highlighted that they were featured, both in the headline and body copy of the ads. This resulted in hundreds of ad variations, some targeted to miniscule audiences, but it’s worth it if you want to be #1.


Leverage strong reviews and social endorsements. There are few influencers stronger than good word-of-mouth. Marketers cannot simply work in a bubble, they must work with these endorsements and use them aggressively. Gupta Media ran a campaign for the release of up-and-comer ZZ Ward’s debut album, which exceeded first-week sales expectations. Gupta Media targeted Adele fans with an advertisement that read, “ZZ Ward is the best ‘new Adele’ yet.” -Boston Herald. Preview & buy her debut album here! The advertisement sent more than 8,000 Adele fans to iTunes and was seen by more than 2 million unique users with a frequency of 10 impressions per fan. Gupta Media also ran several Facebook page post ads that used organic posts from ZZ Ward’s Facebook page to drive paid visits to iTunes. These posts leveraged the strong peer endorsements of fans via likes, comments, and shares to promote the album.

Leverage appearances and promotions to convert buzz into sales. Like good word-of-mouth, artist appearances, performances, and promotions pique interest. As a good marketer, it is your job to capture that interest and transform it into sales. Gupta Media has run campaigns for Demi Lovato for several years.

In 2012, Demi became a judge on The X Factor. Starting from the judge announcement through the season finale, Gupta Media used search ads, promoted tweets, Facebook page post ads, and more to capture X Factor buzz and drive fans to Tunes to purchase Demi Lovato’s latest album, Unbroken. During the two weeks surrounding the announcement, our ads captured nearly 5,000 people searching for Demi Lovato and X Factor terms and directed them to Demi’s album on iTunes. During the season finale period, our search ads and promoted tweets sent more than 15,000 people to iTunes.


Use retargeting to speak to people’s previous actions or inactions. The most important audience to reach during a ticketing campaign is the handful of people who have chosen to place tickets in their shopping cart without purchasing. This is an audience you must reach and must drive to action. Gupta Media runs a campaign for the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City every year. An essential tool in the campaign’s explosive ROI is reaching “cart abandoners” with persistent and aggressive reminder messaging.

Use special targeting to deliver exclusive messaging. Using Facebook’s custom audiences targeting, Gupta Media is able to reach any individual Facebook user, provided that they have an active Facebook profile. This allows for advertisements so exclusive that they can be customized on an individual basis.

The Conclusion

If you want your audience to listen instead of hear, then you must talk with them instead of at them. The more you can deliver precise messaging to as compartmentalized an audience as possible, the better your chance of breaking through the clutter. Using endorsements, appearances, and promotions adds cohesion to your marketing mix and leverages powerful influencers to sell products. Finally, retargeting takes the guesswork out of finding recently engaged fans.

Jessica Dashner
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Account Director
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