Leveraging Lead Ads to Drive Ticket Sales


Lead ads offer a powerful way for artist teams to reach interested users on social platforms in order to drive ticket sales and build audiences for future marketing efforts.


Leading up the The xx’s 2017 US tour, Gupta Media ran lead ads on Facebook targeting upcoming show markets.

Messaging incentivized users to sign-up by offering exclusive fan presale ticket access for email list subscribers. Once the presale launched, The xx’s team sent an email blast to these users encouraging them to purchase tickets.

The incentivized messaging helped to generate cost efficient leads, and the increase in email list sign-ups bolstered pre-sale ticket sales. Beyond pre-sale tickets, the ads created more awareness for the upcoming show(s), with lasting opportunity to market to these new leads for future initiatives.


The xx campaign that Gupta Media ran focused on reaching highly qualified core fans of the band and its members, targeting:

  • Fans of The xx and band members
  • The xx and Jamie xx Site Retargeting
  • Users that expressed previous purchase intent in The xx


Both image and video creative are supported by Facebook and Instagram lead ads.

The xx campaign utilized three different versions of creative, each of which had the same copy calling out the upcoming fan pre-sale in order to incentivize sign-ups.

While a live photo performed the most efficiently, the tour admat generated more sign-ups. Interestingly, the tour admat post performed at the lowest lead generation rate, which likely contributed to the more expensive cost per lead.

Key Learnings

Given the availability of Facebook’s engagement targeting, for future campaigns utilizing this strategy Gupta Media will have the opportunity to reach a highly qualified audience of users that recently engaged with the artist’s page.

This allows advertisers to reach qualified, engaged users that have not “liked” the artist’s page, serving messaging to an audience that would likely not see organic posts.

In terms of efficient leads, top performing targeting in The xx campaign reached users that liked the band on Facebook – performing at a strong $0.11 cost per lead.

The lesser qualified Jamie xx audiences did not perform as efficiently, performing at a $0.17 cost per lead. This is something to keep in mind if considering similar interest targeting. True, core fans of the artist being promoted in these campaigns will likely generate the most efficient results.

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