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Instagram recently announced that its platform reached 200,000 advertisers, up from just hundreds one year ago. Gupta Media has been working with Instagram ads since they first rolled out as a self-serve product, and we were given early access to be the first to use Instagram advertising to promote a music release. By combining the engaging, visual experience of Instagram with the robust targeting capabilities of Facebook, we’ve been successful in using Instagram ads to promote our products.

Kevin Gates

While Kevin Gates has been rapping for nearly a decade, his debut studio album didn’t release until January of 2016. Gupta Media used Instagram to create excitement among Kevin’s core fans, while raising awareness among fans of similar artists with whom he’d previously collaborated.

Awareness ads launched in December to build anticipation. These generated over 9,300 engagements at a low $0.04 CPC. Between pre-order and onsale, the campaign reached 42% of Kevin Gates’ connected fans on Instagram, and drove 4,200 clicks to iTunes at $0.28 cost per link click. These efforts helped his Islah album debut at #2 on the Billboard 200.

Justin Bieber

To promote Justin Bieber’s fourth studio album, Gupta Media worked with Def Jam to launch a multi-phased campaign on Instagram. From driving singles sales, to D2C pre-order, to onsale, the campaign focused on taking Bieber’s massive following, and honing in on the fans who were most likely to take action. Instagram ads are built on the targeting capabilities of Facebook, which now allow for Boolean logic. This provides the ability to run ads on iOS targeting fans of Justin Bieber AND iTunes, or Android ads targeting fans of Justin Bieber AND Google Play. While these combinations reduced the overall audience size being targeted, they helped to pinpoint a specific group of users with whom these ads will resonate well.

Over the course of our campaign, Instagram ads generated nearly 80,000 link clicks at a $0.17 CPLC. During the pre-order phase, also focused on driving sales of Bieber’s single “What Do You Mean?,” 33% of all clicks came from the AND-targeting ads reaching fans of Justin Bieber and either iTunes of Google Play. In the D2C portion, Instagram ads drove 59 click-through conversions and 28 view-through conversions, resulting in an ROI over 340%.

Instagram ads are a powerful and effective way to reach fans. Many artists, like Kevin Gates are more active on Instagram, and have built larger and more engaged fanbases there than on other social platforms. The ability to run these engaging ads in an uncluttered landscape, while integrating the precision of Facebook’s targeting, is a powerful tool for any marketer. As the platform continues to evolve, we look forward to working with Instagram to test new products and grow these capabilities even further.

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