Capitalizing on Artists’ TV Performances


A televised performance is an important moment for any artist, since it’s a chance for a national audience to see and hear an artist’s new music, potentially for the first time. Key TV performances lead to spikes in organic interest in an artist immediately following an appearance, as shown by Google Trends for Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez.

Furthermore, these Google Trends show that interest generated from TV performances is often greater than interest triggered by album releases. So how can marketers promptly reach this newly interested audience to drive music sales following a TV performance?


The unique targeting capabilities of search, remarketing and social advertising allow music marketers to capture users who are just discovering or becoming fans of an artist after seeing them perform on TV.


Run a search campaign during and immediately following a performance to reach anyone looking for more information about the artist and then steer them to purchase the artist’s music. In addition to targeting core keywords around the artist and songs performed, campaigns should include keywords around the TV show they were on, such as “musical guest on the Today Show,” “Today Show performance,” “song performed on the Today Show,” etc. This allows advertisers to tap into a brand-new audience of people who are just discovering the artist, having seen the performance.

Short-term Remarketing

Following a TV performance, increased interest in an artist often leads to more traffic to the artist’s online properties, such as their website, VEVO channel, and official YouTube channel. Isolate these recently engaged users with a Google Display Network remarketing campaign that focuses on users who have interacted with the artist’s content within the 24 hours following the TV performance.


Twitter and TV have a complementary relationship, as many people simultaneously use Twitter while watching TV. Capitalize on this by running a keyword-targeted Twitter campaign to reach users who have recently searched for or tweeted about an artist following a performance. In addition, reach viewers of the TV show who may not be actively searching for or tweeting about the artist through Twitter’s TV targeting. TV targeting allows advertisers to capture users who are engaged with a specific TV show in real-time. When using TV targeting, call out the show in the ad copy to make the promoted tweet more relevant to this audience, ensuring that users are tying the artist back to the performance.

Facebook & Instagram

On Facebook and Instagram, target users who are interested in the TV show on which an artist appeared to find people who likely watched the performance. Interest targeting for a popular TV show often has a potential reach in the millions, so make the target audience more selective by overlaying additional interests like affinity artists and the retailer to which the ads are driving. This results in a more qualified audience comprised of users who are interested in the TV show on which the artist performed AND like the artist’s style of music AND likely consume music at the retailer of choice.


Through search, short-term remarketing and social advertising, music marketers can successfully capture heightened interest in an artist during and immediately after a TV performance. By using these tactics to find users who likely watched the artist perform, as well as users who are actively talking about the artist following the performance, the artist’s TV performance will be leveraged effectively to drive music sales.

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