Utilizing Precise Creative and Targeting To Drive Ticket Sales


LOCKN’ Festival, a yearly rock ‘n’ roll-oriented festival located in Arrington, Virginia, was looking to run ads across social media to reach potential consumers. It would have been very easy to create one or two ads, target them to fans of the artists that were performing or are related and hope that this was enough to sell tickets. However, the LOCKN’ team wanted to be much more thorough and precise in the targeting. Across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we were able to work together to craft ads that utilized precise targeting from the platforms to reach unique users with tailored creative and messaging. This is inline with our philosophy that running digital campaigns is not about mass marketing, it’s about one-to-one marketing on a mass scale.

Income Targeting

LOCKN’ Festival’s VIP ticketing offers many great upgrades to fans who are looking for a slightly more glamorous festival experience. It’s an experience most festival-goers would love, but the price tag can be somewhat of a barrier to entry. In order to reach people who we know are both interested in LOCKN’ Festival and willing to spend the money to buy VIP tickets, we utilized Facebook’s third-party data to limit showing our ads to people whose annual income was over $100,000. This targeting was overlaid on top of other indicators of interest, including people who have purchased tickets in the past, visited the website, or are fans of performing artists.

The messaging of these ads had to convince consumers that it was worth it to spend the extra money for VIP tickets. We wanted to take away any potential doubt that a consumer would have about going to the festival and use the messaging to talk about how VIP makes for a better experience. For instance, for people less interested in traditional camping, our ads showcased the unique tents — the picture included a full size bed, wooden table, and chairs — that came with VIP. They also talked about private campgrounds, catered food, air conditioned lounges, and a private entrance.

We used Facebook’s carousel ads to showcase the different features with different images within one post, and drove to a special VIP Experience website.


These ads drove 17 direct click thru conversions and 18 view thru conversions. Looking at direct conversions only, our ROI on these ads was 1,023%.

Family-friendly Ads

Many potential LOCKN’ consumers are parents, so the LOCKN’ team wanted to make sure that parents knew that they could bring their children to the festival and have a great time. The festival was free to children ages 12 and under, had a family camping area, and offered trips to a nearby swimming hole. Our ads called this out and included an image of a family. Here, we utilized Facebook’s demographic targeting to reach parents of children 2-12, overlaid onto existing targets. The headline of the ad was also powerful, promising to create a weekend of memories that your family will never forget. These ads drove 24 total conversions, 11 direct conversions and 13 view thru conversions. Just looking at direct conversions, we saw an ROI of 522%.

Artist-specific Ads

For fans of artists performing at the festival, individual ads with custom messaging and imagery were created across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If the most relevant info about the user was that they are a fan of a performing artist, we wanted to make sure that the messaging was tailored to this. The images were custom-made to include the artists’ names, so even if the user may not read the text in the copy, the image would still catch their attention. Instead of generic images calling out tons of artists, these specific ads helped us individualize our messaging and drive more engagements. These ads are higher up on the funnel than many other forms of targeting, as these fans have not shown prior interest in the festival itself, just in the artists. From these, we were still able to drive 106 direct conversions and 154 view-through conversions, with a direct conversion ROI of 205% and a blended ROI of direct and view-through conversions at 620%.


By thinking about different audiences, and how targeting, messaging, creative can work together, we were able to create highly compelling, individualized ads. It’s easy enough to create a few ads and hope that they reach the right people and perform well. However, the tools on different platforms allow for such precise targeting, that it’s important to utilize this to improve the consumers experience, drive more sales and drive up your ROI.


For more information on Lockn’ Festival, visit LocknFestival.com or follow along at @LocknFestival.

Joe Schlesinger
Written By: Joe Schlesinger
Account Director

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