Boston Calling 2017: Driving Media and Design Behind Boston’s Major Music Festival

Crash Line Productions came to us for our fifth year driving the media and design behind Boston’s first major music festival, Boston Calling. In 2017 the festival was bigger and better, condensing its typical fall and summer festivals into one event, with a new location, killer lineup, and a major upgrade in in amenities.

Our campaign goals were simple: Show people that Boston Calling is the premiere music festival in New England, in addition to spreading the word about all the new festival upgrades. And, of course, sell as many VIP and General Admission tickets as possible. 



We started the campaign with what we call a “donut strategy”– That is, excluding anyone who had visited Boston Calling’s website, were fans of the Facebook page, or on the email list, and instead focusing on getting new fans into the funnel. Later, all fans of the festival and participating artists were targeted. 

We tapped into the college market in Boston, utilized geotargeting to specify which local regions had the best CPC, and used third parties to carve out an audience of people with Ticketmaster or concert-related apps installed on their phones.

We were able to utilize data modeling for ticket projections to inform our media spend. Meaning that instead of taking shots in the dark, we were able to tell Crashline Productions exactly how much we needed to put into the budgets to reach their specific goals.

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Our design team created custom graphics and emails highlighting featured artists, the new festival grounds and amenities, and the best moments from 2016 to build hype.



Through a combination of search and social placements, we generated 5.9 million impressions and 41,345 clicks over the lifetime of the campaign. We were able to get Crashline Productions a Return on Ad Spend of 714% and nearly sell out the festival.






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