The Governors Ball Music Festival – 2014

A Uniquely New York Music Festival.

Founders Entertainment, a long time Gupta Media client, commissioned our designers to help them position The Governors Ball as New York City’s music festival. Our creative team took that as their true north. The idea started with a simple question – “What if we built a sign to announce how big the festival lineup is?” They settled on the idea of building a sign that rivaled the New York skyline and placed it on Randall’s Island. With New York’s unmistakable skyline serving as the backdrop, it was clear that Governors Ball was laying claim as New York’s hometown festival.

What took this idea to the next level was how the essence of the brand was woven into every piece of creative. Billboard’s lede said it best “Governors Ball announced its lineup Wednesday not with a tweet or a press release, but with a full-page ad in The New York Times.” A lineup this good needed to be printed in the paper of record and delivered to the doorstep of 1.8 million New Yorker’s. To further cement GovBall as NYC’s music festival, we designed a wall painting in Williamsburg. Dubbed “Project Mullet” by the team, the mural cleverly showed the key marketing points on top while the bottom was a playful crowd urging passerby to #surf2govball.

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