Costume Dash Website Design and Development

Run, Zombie, run!

Costume Dash is a Halloween themed 5k where runners race in costumes. The first annual Costume Dash began in Boston in 2015 and has since spread across the country to major cities such as San Francisco and Philadelphia. Our client, Rugged Races, requested a new website to reflect the tone of this Halloween themed event.

Steady pace.

It was important the brand be represented by more than black and orange already so synonymous with the holiday. The fresh color palette carefully crafted by our design team offers runners a glimpse of a beautiful autumn day. The navigation runs along the bottom of the window and prompts users to navigate the site horizontally – a unique feature that conceptually pairs well with this running event.

Costume Dash events are popping up across the country – from Boston to San Francisco. To bring hometown charm to each location, Gupta Media created custom illustrations for select cities, and fun, bouncy characters to add personality and whimsy to the site. These details place the Costume Dash online experience well ahead of its competitors.

Carving the code.

While the Design team was troubleshooting Frankenstein’s run sequence, the engineering team designed a custom back-end experience for race organizers. When a city location is added, local organizers have complete control to edit race details specific to their city. The site was also designed and tested across multiple screen sizes and devices to ensure a complete user experience.

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