Kelly Clarkson American Greetings Introduction Video

Kelly Clarkson

  Kelly cards say it best!

After capturing the magic of Christmas for Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath the Tree” lyric video, Gupta Media was approached by Starstruck Entertainment and American Greetings to introduce Kelly’s new line of greeting cards to her fans. The design team immediately went to work, and the concept “Kelly cards say it best!” was born, sharing Kelly’s sense of humor and her belief in the importance of giving cards to family and friends. Watch and learn why Kelly cards really do say it best and how Gupta Media brought Little Kelly to life.

The Process

From start to finish, the inherent cheekiness of the cards served as inspiration. Little Kelly would be cute, down-to-earth, and have a sense of humor. Her charm would carry Kelly’s message and no matter the content, the end result had to bring a smile or a small chuckle to the audience.

From 15 great ideas, the team narrowed down the choices to the 4 with the highest potential for a laugh, a smile, or a simple “Aww!” In the end, “Kelly cards say it best” moved forward into production as it was sure to guarantee all three.


Storyboard sketches were created to visualize “Kelly cards say it best” across three different storylines: Happy Birthday, Get Well and Just Because. The storyboards were referenced heavily during production to ensure that every shot was included.


A moodboard was created to keep the team on track throughout production. Every prop and setting detail, from napkins to the wrapping paper, was carefully selected and tailored to the appropriate audience to ensure a colorful, realistic world for Little Kelly’s adventures.

Gupta Media wrote and developed scripts and provided direction for each storyline. After a long discussion about who should voice Little Kelly and what she should sound like, it became clear that there was only one person for the job. Who better to capture the whimsy better than Kelly Clarkson herself. The dinger delivered the voice-over for Little Kelly perfectly.

And action! After a location was scouted, all the props selected and lighting assembled, a team of four captured the footage in 2K and HD over the course of one day using a Black Magic Production Camera.


To keep Little Kelly consistent and in scale to the real life objects she encountered, the team worked with a paper stand-in of the character. During post-production special attention to reflections and shadows made sure Little Kelly fit into her surroundings.

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